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Azanta is an international company that markets specialty pharma products in the Nordic countries. The company head office is located in Denmark. Azanta has affiliates in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK. Additionally, Azanta has agents in several countries serving the needs of Azanta and its customers locally.

Azanta operates primarily within oncology, women's healthcare and addiction medicine.

In addition, Azanta has two late stage products in clinical development: Nimoral, for the treatment of head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and Angusta┬« for cervical ripening and induction of labor.  These products are currently being made available on compassionate use basis. 

Our strategy and strong drive is to listen to the voice of our customers and put every possible effort behind sourcing products to our customers on demand and in a cost-effective manner.

For further interest in Azanta's specialty pharma products or investigational cancer products, please  contact your local representative or Azanta's head office.


Azanta A/S, Gearhalsvej 1, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark, Phone +45 7025 9545, Fax: +45 7025 9546, Mail:

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